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Slade Poppies

Slade Poppies, Closing in the Middle Finishing up this Slade Poppies panel now after adding more blooms on both sides the picture is starting to

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Snowdrops PDF Pattern

Snowdrops PDF Pattern This is the first post for some time because of some issues I have had with my website over the last six

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Slade Poppies Part 2

Slade Poppies Part 2 I have called this post ” Slade Poppies Part 2 ” as it is about bringing the top and bottom section

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Youghiogheny Poppies.

Red Poppies Pattern

Red Poppies Pattern A universal flower poppies symbolise peace, death and even sleep. In oriental cultures, they represent passionate love between couples. The Ancient Greeks

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Round Clematis Tutorial 3

Round Clematis Tutorial 3  Round Clematis Tutorial 3, in which I cover steps 11 – 14 including foiling, flat soldering, outer lead attachment, final soldering

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Round Clematis Tutorial 1

Round Clematis Tutorial 1 In this Round Clematis Tutorial 1 I will cover the next four steps. They mainly cover the background on the left-hand

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