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Saint Brigid’s Cross

Saint Brigid’s Cross Saint Brigid’s Cross is as much a symbol of Ireland as the Shamrock and the Harp. Celebrated every year on the 1st

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Triquetra Claddagh Pattern

 Triquetra Claddagh Pattern Saint Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us once again. Last year, marked the beginning of the pandemic and the cancellation of

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Round Apple Blossom

Round Apple Blossom Pattern The Apple Blossom with its beautiful pink and white flowers is in fact a member of the rose family. Appearing from

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Round Clematis Tutorial 3

Round Clematis Tutorial 3  Round Clematis Tutorial 3, in which I cover steps 11 – 14 including foiling, flat soldering, outer lead attachment, final soldering

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Round Clematis Tutorial 1

Round Clematis Tutorial 1 In this Round Clematis Tutorial 1 I will cover the next four steps. They mainly cover the background on the left-hand

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Owl in the Moonlight ©David Kennedy

Owl in the Moonlight

Owl in the Moonlight Introduction Owls are steeped in symbolism and folklore throughout many different cultures. From the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Native American Indians

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