Red Poppies Pattern

A universal flower poppies symbolise peace, death and even sleep. In oriental cultures, they represent passionate love between couples. The Ancient Greeks in particular related the flower to Morpheus the god of sleep. This was most likely the source of the word Morphine which comes from Opium. Yet the inspiration for this Red Poppies Pattern comes from the Remembrance Poppies. Quite strange when you think about it as they are only paper flowers. Poppies of course come in a range of colors, blue, pink, white and orange spring to mind, a universal flower for sure. It is the state flower of California and also the birthday flower for August.

Red Poppies stained glass pattern design by David Kennedy

Made using Youghiogheny stipple glass, I have tried to keep the design simple and let the glass do the work. I have poppies growing wild in my garden and I am always struck by the way the red compliments the green surrounds. They also grow in clumps so I have crammed fourteen blooms into this panel. This post wouldn’t be complete without a link to Canadian poet and physician John McCrae’s beautiful poem ” In Flanders fields

Stained glass Pattern Information

If your interested in reproducing this panel it is now available as a PDF download in the Patterns Store.

A 916 mm ( approx 36 inches) x 368 mm ( 14.5 inches ) rectangle pattern.
Downloadable PDF pattern prints actual size 36 inches x 14.5 inches, ( 916 mm x 368 mm ) across six pages. Instructions supplied for enlarging the pattern to your required size when printing. You will need “Adobe Acrobat Reader” to print this pattern.

Copyright information

 Red Poppies Stained Glass Pattern. (© David Kennedy Designs) copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
It is illegal to distribute this stained glass pattern online or in hard copy without written permission from David Kennedy.
Please do not post or distribute this stained glass pattern on other websites.

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My name is David Kennedy and I create stained glass patterns and designs. These are downloadable PDF files and they are available to buy on this website. If you would like to view the selection please visit the Patterns Store to see the full range. I work in both lead and copper foil which enables me to produce a wide range of different styles. These are skills I have developed over the last 35 years of working with glass.

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