Pirate Skull Pendant

The real beginning of this panel started with my acquisition of a Taurus 3 Ring Saw. This is an advanced shape cutting saw which uses a diamond-coated ring-shaped blade. All sorts of stained glass design possibilities now opened up for me.

I had already experimented with a few skull designs before I had the idea for a Pirate Skull Pendant. The initial concept was for a skull and crossbones based on the legendary black flag. I abandoned this as it wouldn’t fit my pendant size which was 17″ in diameter. How was I going to make my skull look like a pirate without crossbones was my conundrum?

Skull No 4 Pendant © David Kennedy

After a bit of research, I settled on the bandana, gold earring and tooth. As you can see from the picture these worked out very well. My next problem was what to do with the background instead of using crossbones. I needed something that was round and would have a nautical connection which is where the star came from. This was perfect as I was able to work in the black and white border as a frame, now my panel was complete.

I find a lot of my designs are like this, stained glass is pretty unforgiving as a medium so it needs to be perfect. This bad boy settled with his owner in The Azores, quite apt for a pirate.

This Pattern is available to purchase in the Patterns Store as a PDF Download.

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My name is David Kennedy and I create stained glass patterns and designs. These are downloadable PDF files and they are available to buy on this website. If you would like to view the selection please visit the Patterns Store to see the full range. I work in both lead and copper foil which enables me to produce a wide range of different styles. These are skills I have developed over the last 35 years of working with glass.

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