Peace Rainbow Suncatcher

Peace Rainbow Suncatcher

This is my Peace Rainbow Suncatcher 206mm diameter and made using lead came. I had an idea of producing some leaded suncatchers for display in the garden. I wanted to use plenty of color, hence the rainbow and use a bevel of some sort in the centre to radiate the light.

Peace Rainbow Suncatcher

Suncatcher with a small star bevel

My initial idea was for a round bevel which I was unable to source due to the covid situation. I did manage to get some star bevels though and in two sizes so I decided to proceed with my idea. This is my first attempt, using the small bevel in the centre.

Small bevel suncatcher

I was quite pleased with the outcome as these can be quite tricky to make using lead came. I then had the idea of using the International Peace Symbol in the centre. This was due to war breaking out in The Ukraine, something which we all never wanted to see. Apart from Mr Putin of course, one man? somehow I just don’t get it so here is my message to him. P is for Peace Mr Putin.

Suncatcher with large star bevel

Large star bevel suncatcher

To incorporate the peace symbol I had to enlarge the centre circle, which improved the design. I then had the idea of using the large star bevel in the centre which fitted the larger space exactly. So I now have my finished design using the large star bevel surrounded by the colors of the rainbow. If you are a stained glass artist and would like to make the Peace Rainbow Suncatcher you can download the PDF pattern here for free.

Tranquility Garden Sculpture

Tranquility Garden Sculpture

This is my Tranquility Garden Sculpture which I created from a single piece of live edge Ash timber. Each of these timber pieces is a unique shape which from a creative point of view is perfect for stained glass.

Tranquility Garden SculpturePreparation and Inspiration

I had this standing upright in the corner of my studio for a few weeks before I started work on it. My initial idea was for four round panels with some sort of runic pattern in each one. After I had cleaned up and shaped my piece of timber I started to think more about which colours to use. The Reiki or chakra colours work very well in these sculptures so I chose to base my design on these. Starting at the base I drew four circles reducing each one until they fitted my piece of timber. This worked out quite well so I now had my timber shaped and finished and my cut-outs marked up. All I had to do now was come up with a design.

Design Placement

I wanted to use two colours for each circle so had to keep my designs simple. The only problem I had was seven colours and four circles so I needed to use another colour. I solved this by placing the lotus flower at the base in white glass using dark purple for the background. Next, I came up with a basic three petal Celtic spiral using indigo and blue. The yin and yang symbol followed, some intricate glass cutting here and finally the triangle in a circle. The three points that make up this symbol represent the” Arcane” the “Devine” and the “magical”.

Tranquility close up
Close up detail of the lower panels in the Tranquility Garden Sculpture.

These sculptures can be customised and made to order, prices range from €400 to €1200 plus any shipping costs. This particular piece sold within hours of completion.