Large Bee Garden Sculpture

Large Bee Garden Sculpture

This is my Large Bee Garden Sculpture, made with a live edge piece of White Cedar timber. It is mounted on a polished concrete base measuring 19″ x 12″ and stands 44″ high by 22″ wide. It is currently available priced at €600.

Large Bee Garden Sculpture

The story behind the design

After having the idea of a garden sculpture featuring a Bee I developed a couple of patterns. The first one was with a bee surrounded by a honeycomb pattern which was my personal preference.

Bee with Honeycomb
To do this my panel size would have to be 18″ diameter. My live edge piece of White Cedar though was only wide enough to frame a 16.5″ diameter panel so I had to rethink the design. I settled on enlarging the central bee element and losing the honeycomb surround.

Large Bee Pattern

Large Bee Pattern

So this is the design I settled on for my garden sculpture, and I have to say it worked out very well using lead came. After I completed this project I decided to make the honeycomb pattern as well. This time I used the copper foil method to construct the panel and edged it in 2 mm “U” came. Here is a photo of the completed panel below.

Honeycomb Bee Pattern

These two patterns are now available for purchase in the patterns store as PDF downloads. Both designs are included in the price.

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Peace Rainbow Suncatcher

Peace Rainbow Suncatcher

This is my Peace Rainbow Suncatcher 206mm diameter and made using lead came. I had an idea of producing some leaded suncatchers for display in the garden. I wanted to use plenty of color, hence the rainbow and use a bevel of some sort in the centre to radiate the light.

Peace Rainbow Suncatcher

Suncatcher with a small star bevel

My initial idea was for a round bevel which I was unable to source due to the covid situation. I did manage to get some star bevels though and in two sizes so I decided to proceed with my idea. This is my first attempt, using the small bevel in the centre.

Small bevel suncatcher

I was quite pleased with the outcome as these can be quite tricky to make using lead came. I then had the idea of using the International Peace Symbol in the centre. This was due to war breaking out in The Ukraine, something which we all never wanted to see. Apart from Mr Putin of course, one man? somehow I just don’t get it so here is my message to him. P is for Peace Mr Putin.

Suncatcher with large star bevel

Large star bevel suncatcher

To incorporate the peace symbol I had to enlarge the centre circle, which improved the design. I then had the idea of using the large star bevel in the centre which fitted the larger space exactly. So I now have my finished design using the large star bevel surrounded by the colors of the rainbow. If you are a stained glass artist and would like to make the Peace Rainbow Suncatcher you can download the PDF pattern here for free.

Slade Poppies

Slade Poppies, Closing in the Middle

Finishing up this Slade Poppies panel now after adding more blooms on both sides the picture is starting to emerge, really feels like it is coming together now. I still have the seed pods and some flower centres to do but for now, I am concentrating on the remaining flowers.

Slade Poppies PDF Pattern,Closing in the middle

Nearly there now, just have the last three flowers to do. Once every piece is cut I will then commence foiling, making any further adjustments as I proceed. The next process would be the first solder on the front of the panel. The panel is then very carefully turned over and the first solder is repeated on the rear. I would then add the 12 mm zinc framing before doing the final bead soldering of all the seams. The panel would then have to be thoroughly cleaned before the patina can be applied. Acetone can be very useful in preparing the Zinc prior to application.

Last three flowers

Completed Panel

Here is the completed panel, lit from behind by daylight. I am really pleased with the way this has turned out, it is so nice to be able to bring a project to fruition so long after the initial idea.
Slade Poppies pattern prints full size 34.5″ x 23″ ( 880 mm x 590 mm ) on twelve sheets of A4 paper. Alternatively, you can take the PDF file to a print shop and have it printed on one sheet of paper. I can provide custom sizes and adjustments if required. Thank you for your time and interest in my work.
David Kennedy

For those of you that are interested in the symbolism and meanings of poppies click here

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